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Except of Her Forever Fling

Here's a sneak peak of HER FOREVER FLING!



“I do not have an accent,” Melissa replied in a thick, over-exaggerated Southern drawl Dolly Parton would’ve been proud to hear.

A low rumble of laughter bubbled up from his throat. The throaty sound filled the air around them and set off an explosion of goosebumps racing down her arms.

“You do.” Elijah paused midstride and turned to face Melissa. “It’s adorable, but so is everything about you.” He took a step forward, bringing his hard body so close Melissa could feel the heat rolling off him in waves, yet to anyone passing by, the action looked innocent, like two friends chatting on the sidewalk. “Especially how shy you are.”

She averted her eyes to focus on the road, unable to withstand the intensity swimming in his darkened orbs any longer. Why did he have to look at her this way?

Elijah placed a finger underneath her chin, forcing her eyes back to his. “I find it cute because no matter how hard you try, you can’t hide it. It’s there in the way you gnaw on your bottom lip or how your eyes dart around as if you’re looking for escape routes. It’s in the slight tremors of your hands and how your skin prickles when I’m near you.”

Melissa forced herself to focus on her breathing, despite feeling lightheaded by Elijah’s correctly-spoken observation. They hadn’t spent more than a few hours together, and yet this man—whose career depended on his ability to pay attention to even the most minuscule details—noticed something most men in her past never had, if ever, and damn if it didn’t make Melissa feel giddy. He ran the back of his hand down her arm to her wrist, lifted her hand, and placed a lingering kiss to her pulse point, causing her breath to stall in her lungs and electric currents to zip through her body, settling in the pit of her stomach and the area between her thighs. Melissa’s knees threatened to buckle.

“I would ask if I’m making you nervous right now, but your racing pulse is all the answer I need.”


Be sure to pre-order your copy of HER FOREVER FLING available on August 24th, 2021


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