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Cooking With Kimmie: Birthday Girl Edition


One of the most important and supportive people in my life, my little sister, recently celebrated her thirty-*coughs* something birthday, and to celebrate, I made her favorite food for dinner: Cajun Shrimp Pasta (recipe courtesy of Self Proclaimed Foodie. Get it here) and hushpuppies.

One of the most time consuming steps of this recipe was shredding the parmesan cheese, but I won't pretend doing so didn't make me feel like a real official.

The shredded parmesan went into my sauce.

Instead of purchasing Cajun seasoning for the store, I used a blend I found online from the Self Proclaimed Foodie, and added it to the shrimp.

Mixed the cream sauce with the penne pasta and shrimp.

My plan was to make homemade hushpuppies from scratch, but when I got to the grocery store, I couldn't find the buttermilk. I was a little upset, naturally, because this dinner meant a lot to me. My goal was to make sure my sister enjoyed her day, the best way I could.

Luckily, I found a mix for Hush Puppies by House Autry.

Golden Brown Deliciousness

I was already sad because the menu had included beignets using the mix from the world famous Café Du Monde.

However, the store didn't have it, and it would not have gotten here in time had I ordered it online.

Regardless of what I had and didn't...

Paired dinner with a bottle of Prosecco

And as they say...

And of course I had to make sure my hushpuppies passed the fluffiness test!

Vibe Check


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