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Mr. Play for Keeps

June 13th - Mr. Play for Keeps - FRONT(1).jpg


As the director of a youth leadership development program and the Washington, D.C. Mr. Black Organization representative, I'm known for getting things done and making the impossible happen; like planning a four-day city-wide Juneteenth celebration. Losing a vendor is the last thing I need. Thankfully, my on-again, off-again, definitely on-again lover, Stephanie Arrington, is there to help. Now, if only I can convince her to see me as more than an occasional fling. I have my work cut out for me, but soon she'll learn that in life and love, I play for keeps.


Being the owner of a holistic skincare company keeps me booked and busy. Until a devastating blow turns my world upside down. Uncertain about my future and in need of a distraction, I accept an invitation to participate in Juneteenth festivities in D.C. But not everything is as it seems. While I am working to rebuild my life, my one-night-stand turned FWB and knight in an expensive business suit, Nathaniel Reed, is working to turn our no-strings-attached arrangement into something permanent. In life, some things aren't meant to be kept, like me.

In the Baes of Juneteenth series, we invite you to journey to different cities to celebrate Juneteenth with the men of Mr. Black, an organization honoring Black culture, Black love, and Black history.


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